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Central Bank Digital Currency and 

the Future of a Citizen-centric Financial System

Washington DC
17- 18 November 2020

The CBDC Forum

The Future of Central Bank Digital Currency
17 November 2020
09:00 am

The UN Secretary General's Task Force on Digital Financing for SDGs launched its final report on August 26th, 2020. The report identifies opportunities for digitalization to deliver billions of dollars of financing to tackle problems such as lack of access to capital for small and medium sized enterprises, and for investments in sustainable infrastructure addressing climate change, biodiversity destruction. For more information, please go to the Task Force site:

Central Bank Digital Currency is one of the most impactful innovations which has the potential to remove several key barriers for individuals to contribute to SDGs financing. The CBDC Forum seeks to become an international platform to share knowledge and build collaborations on central bank digital currency.


Topics to be covered:

  • The landscape of CBDC Innovations around the world;

  • The risks and benefits of CBDC;

  • Inclusive CBDC;

  • CBDC capacity and readiness

  • Digital financing for SDGs

  • CBDC Technology: DLT and beyond;

  • Governance of digital currencies ;

  • The design principles of CBDC;

  • The implementation challenges of CBDC;

  • The public private collaboration on CBDC;

  • The future of CBDC.




Nov.17, 2020 EST
Nov.18, 2020 EST


Welcome and Opening Remark

Xiaochen Zhang

President, FinTech4Good



Why central banks are Interested in Digital Currency?

Francisco Rivadeneyra

Director for CBDC and FinTech Policy, Bank of Canada

José Manuel Marques

Head of the Financial Innovation Division en Banco de España


CBDC Development in Asia: Country Studies

Vijak Sethaput

Deputy Director, Bank of Thailand

Henri Arslanian

Global Crypto Leader, Asia FinTech Leader, Partner, PwC

Yifeng Zhang

President, Zhongchao blockchain technology research Institute 

Douglas Arner

Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at The University of Hong Kong

Cong He

Founder and Chairman, Probe Group


Welcome and Opening Remark

Dr Srinivas Yanamandra

Chief, New Development Bank

Ismail Erturk

Senior Lecturer in Banking at University of Manchester

Ousmène Jacques Mandeng

Senior Advisor Blockchain and Multiparty Systems, Accenture

Shaolun Liu,

Director, Deloitte

CBDC Technology: DLT and beyond

David Wen

Professor at Zhejiang University International Business School

Alon Goren

Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm

Michael Sung

Co-Director of the Fudan Fanhai Fintech Research Center; Chairman CarbonBlue Innovations

Daniel Eidan

Global Solution Architect, Payments and CBDC, R3


CBDC Development in Africa: Country Studies

Michelle Chivunga N

CEO, Global Policy House, Senior Govt. Advisor

Monica Singer

Consensys South Africa lead, board member of SAICA and Vice Chair of GLEIF

Nolwazi Hlophe

Regulatory Program Lead | Digital Frontiers Institute

Vincent Molinari

Founder & Host, FINTECH.TV & TheIMPACT-Molinari Media


CBDC Development in Europe: country studies

Jonas Gross

project manager, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC)

Ashley Lannquist

Project Lead, Blockchain & Digital Currency at World Economic Forum

Gabriel Abed

Founder, BITT

Juan Camilo Gutiérrez

independent CBDC expert


Digital Financing for SDGs

Simon Zadek

Sherpa of UN Secretary General's Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals

Zhijun Zhang

Lead, Security Architecture at The World Bank Group

Marianne Haahr

Director Green Digital Finance Alliance

Yonathan Parienti

Founder and CEO, Horyou


Lunch Break


Lunch Break


CBDC Learning and Governance Board: Toward an Inclusive CBDC


Tao sun

Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund

Aiaze Mitha

Senior Advisor, UN Secretary General's Task Force on Digital Financing of SDGs

Chris Ostrowski

Director, OMFIF

Tori Adams

Chief Innovation Officer at Value Technology Foundation



CBDC Development in Latin America & Caribbean: Country Studies

Fabiola Herrera

Deputy Manager Systems and Innovation, Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

Marcelo Prates

Lawyer, Central Bank of Brazil

Raúl Morales Resendiz

Manager, The Center for Latin American Monetary Studies