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The Future of

Central Bank Digital Currency

Washington DC
17- 18 November 2020
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The CBDC Forum

The Future of Central Bank Digital Currency
17 November 2020
09:00 am

The UN Secretary General's Task Force on Digital Financing for SDGs launched its final report on August 26th, 2020. The report identifies opportunities for digitalization to deliver billions of dollars of financing to tackle problems such as lack of access to capital for small and medium sized enterprises, and for investments in sustainable infrastructure addressing climate change, biodiversity destruction. For more information, please go to the Task Force site:

Central Bank Digital Currency is one of the most impactful innovations which has the potential to remove several key barriers for individuals to contribute to SDGs financing. The CBDC Forum seeks to become an international platform to share knowledge and build collaborations on central bank digital currency.


Topics to be covered:

  • The landscape of CBDC Innovations around the world;

  • The risks and benefits of CBDC;

  • The design principles of CBDC;

  • The implementation challenges of CBDC;

  • The public private collaboration on CBDC;

  • The future of CBDC.

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About the CBDC Committee of the World Digital Economy Council

What is the CBDC Committee?

The World Digital Economy Council mobilizes resources and brings together global leaders to provide thought leadership, and implement powerful initiatives in advancing global digital transformation. All members of the FinTech4Good Advisory Council are also members of the World Digital Economy Council.

In 2018, FinTech4Good launched a CBDC Working Group which was tasked to develop CBDC related tools to empower central banks to make CBDC related decisions. The Working Group White Paper was completed in 2019 which proposed a risk and benefit framework on CBDC. The Working Group continues to engage with central banks from different countries to refine the CBDC RAB tool and develop new tools in supporting CBDC design and implementation. 

On Sep.8th, 2020, during the CBDC Forum in Washington DC, the CBDC Working Group moved to its next stage and officially became the CBDC Committee of the World Digital Economy Council.  In addition to the CBDC policy tools development, the CBDC Committee aims to become a bridge between business and central banks on CBDC related issues. Together with our Committee Members, Corporate Partners and Global Ambassadors, we will introduce CBDC courses, organize CBDC policy dialogues and learning events, connect CBDC innovators with CBDC related needs, and launch collaborative  initiatives to enable an inclusive and sustainable CBDC deployment around the world.



The CBDC Forum
 NOV 17th , 2020- Nov 18th, 2020

NOV 17th,  2020

9:00am // Welcome 

9:05am // Central Bank Digital Currency: Opportunities, Risks and Challenges Ahead

9:50am // CBDC Development in Asia: Country Studies

10:35am // CBDC Development  in Europe: Digital Euro 

11:20am // CBDC Development  in Africa: Country Studies

9:00 PM// CBDC Academy : Central Bank Digital Currency: an Introduction ( for Asia)

NOV 18th,  2020

9:00am // Welcome 

9:05am // The CBDC Committee Close Door Session

10:00 am // CBDC Development in Latin America: Country Studies

10:50 am // CBDC Development  in North America: Country Studies

11:35pm // Closing Remark


Nov 19th, 2020

9:00 aM// CBDC Academy : Central Bank Digital Currency: an Introduction ( for other continent )


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