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Digital Innovations for Affordable and Sustainable Housing Group

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I would like to propose the services of our software development engineers, we are focused on the banking sector, blockchain and can provide highly-trained engineers with deep sector knowledge. We have huge experience in delivering customized software. Our main Client is the of biggest Polish banks. Cheers

Malwina Jabłońska

New Business Manager

Malwina Jablonska
June 29, 2023 · joined the group.

Hi everyone, it's a great pleasure to join the group. I always view poverty as a lack of 3 basic needs: shelter, food, and security. I'm hopeful that together we can use tech4good to address these basic needs, starting with housing and eventually eradicate poverty, especially in Africa and the emerging world.

Stephen Selamolela
May 21, 2022 · joined the group.

Hi everyone - in the U.S. operating a small commercial real estate development firm just outside Washington D.C.. Very interested in blockchain tech and researching its advancement within our industry. More importantly I'm intrigued with the defi advantages and feel that may be the fastest path for the tech to impact and deliver affordable housing solutions. Land values still seem to be a monumental hurdle towards solving the supply problem. However, defi can help breakdown barriers for some. Anybody currently working in the affordable space in the U.S. utilizing blockchain technology?


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