Since its inauguration, more than 100000 community members have been interacting regularly with the Blockchain Frontier Group in more than 10 countries. Altogether, more than 10000 business leaders and 1000+ companies joined these events. The Blockchain Frontier Group make every endeavor to support blockchain start-ups to develop innovative collaborations with industrial leaders and foster the emergence of a healthy global ecosystem. We have launched a Global Digital Economy Leadership Council and its 7 Committees, International University Blockchain Alliance, Central Bank Blockchain Advisory Group, Global Digital Economy Institute, etc. These initiatives aim to:

  • Launch and implement ambitious collaborative digital economy initiatives to create and sustain blockchain and other digital technology related momentum;
  • Drive policy innovations to accelerate blockchain economy;
  • Mobilize $1 trillion to invest in impactful blockchain and other digital technology innovations to address $100 trillion worth of market challenges.

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